Coyote Brown 3500′s sold out….

Last night we sold out of the initial run on the Coyote Brown 3500′s.  Good news is the production is going really well so we have more scheduled to be built right after the Foliage run.  That should put the second run of Coyote Brown shipping mid-May.  Hopefully sometime next week we’ll have pics of the Foliage and ASAT bags so you can see what that looks like.  We have had a lot of questions on what the Foliage looks like and its just the standard military issue Foliage.  I attached a picture of a t-shirt in Foliage for a reference, we will have Foliage webbing and then black buckles and zippers.

The $50 off promo ends on Monday the 24th so make sure to take advantage of that.  We have a handful of new videos shot and I am hoping to find the time to edit them up in the next few days.



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  • Olydog09

    Steve, Congratulations on selling out your first run of Coyote. If you dont mind me asking how many packs did you have set aside for the first run? Also any update on pics of the ASAT packs?

    • Exo Mtn Gear

      Hopefully we have an ASAT pic next week. We don’t want to release sales numbers but can tell you in the first 10 days we’ve sold more than we were expecting to in the first 4 months. The response from guys not only inside the US but all over the world has been incredible.