First run of Coyote 3500 packs shipping this week!

The Coyote Brown production is right on schedule and we will be shipping packs this week, most likely the majority will go out on Thursday.   Everyone who pre-ordered a Coyote Brown pack and did the 25% deposit if you could go ahead and give us a call Tuesday or Wednesday to collect the rest of the payment that would be great.  Phone number is 208-941-9899.

The rest of the production schedule with ASAT and Foliage is looking really good, we predict every two weeks to be shipping out another run of packs from here on out.   Development of the accessories and the 5500 bag is coming along nicely.  We will be posting up pics and info as we can.   Hopefully by the end of this week we can post up pics of the meat shelf, load panel and the hipbelt pouch.  We did a lot of simple but unique things in the design of the hipbelt pouch to address issues that we feel come up with accessory pouches and are excited to see the final prototype.   Our goal is to have everything that we plan on making this year done and shipped by July 15th so that you have plenty of time before hunting seasons open up.

On Wednesday we will also announce the winner of the free pack from the newsletter sign up that we did.

Steve and Lenny



  • Tom Ryle

    Sweet! Great work, guys!

  • Garrett Soper

    What time today will the winner be announced?

    Pack looks Great!! Hope to get one before hunting season roles around.

    • Exo Mtn Gear

      We will be doing the drawing later this evening.


  • Bryan

    Where are theyyyyyy :)