Now taking orders; save $50!!!

Exomountaingear.com is up and running this morning taking pre-orders for both the 3500 and 5500 packs.  Today through March 24th we are offering $50 off the normal base price of $449.  You can choose to enter coupon code “deposit25″ to put down 25% of the payment or you can just pay in full now by not entering the code.

We just finished up videos on Friday of all the final features on the 3500 bag and Skeleton Frame.  In an effort to put out the best possible pack we can we made a few small changes including using X-pac waterproof fabric for the entire inside of the bag.  Being able to keep your gear dry in the back-country is essential and even though the 500d Cordura is coated; water will still penetrate through it.  The X-pac is waterproof to 200psi and it shaved 1 ounce off the total weight.  Its also used on the back side of the bag so when packing out meat; blood seeping through to your gear is not an issue.

Lastly, we decided to bump up the run of Foliage Green packs.  In the 3500 they will be shipping mid-May now and not summer like we originally planned.



Exo Mountain Gear overview of Skeleton Frame from Exo Mountain Gear on Vimeo.

Exo Mountain Gear overview of 3500 Bag from Exo Mountain Gear on Vimeo.

Exo Mountain Gear overview of attaching a load in the load shelf from Exo Mountain Gear on Vimeo.

  • Olydog09

    Ordered the 3500 in Coyote. Do you have any pics of the bag in ASAT?

    • Exo Mtn Gear

      Hopefully in a couple weeks we will. If you want to switch to ASAT before we ship that won’t be a problem.