Time-frames, products and accessories for 2014

Lenny and I have been getting a handful of requests wondering about time-frame’s for pre-ordering, for delivery and wondering what accessories that we will be doing this year.  I wanted to put this post together to address some of those questions.  One thing we really tried to do was design a complete pack, something that wasn’t bare bones so you didn’t immediately have to add accessories to get it to function.   We also realize everyone likes to customize their set up for their style of hunting and packing gear so we that in mind we plan to do the following accessories.  If there is something you would really like to see let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Accessories for 2014:

  • Hip-belt pouch (will be sized to fit most rangefinders)
  • Meat shelf accessory panel (will be designed to use with or without the bag) (going to make a great shed hunting pack that would be sub 3lbs!)
  • Rain fly
  • Water Bladder accessory pouch (will be designed so it can be removed from the pack and used as an ultralight day pack/ stalking pack)
  • Bow Carrier
  • Mesh ditty sacks
  • Mesh pocket w/ zipper that can be moved to a few different attachment points inside the pack


  • March 7-14th- will start taking pre-orders on Exomountaingear.com  (we will be doing some sort of promotion for the first 2 weeks)
  • April 15-30th delivery of first run of Exo 3500 packs in Coyote Brown (ASAT will be about 1 week behind Coyote shipping)
  • June-July accessories will be ready and shipping
  • July 1st delivery of Exo 5500 pack


  • After running the poll on bag sizes it was pretty even between the 5500 and 6000.  We decided to go with the 5500 thinking if the demand is there we could add a 7500 down the road.
  • Bags are interchangeable between frames so you can purchase a 3500 bag now and the 5500 will fit on it when they become available
  • All the above dates are estimations but we can promise we are doing everything we can to make sure we hit them


  • http://www.chasingthehunt.com/ ChasingtheHunt

    Awesome work! You guys don’t need to worry about ETAs because I think most of us would rather see it come out just the way you want it because you guys are doing such a good job.

  • Rabbit Ranger

    Excellent job! Look forward to ordering a pack from you.